About Us

Our Mission

Ecoffeel promotes fair trade jobs for for small coffee, cacao farmers and artisans while supporting goods that are ecologically sustainable. It is our mission to bring these great resources to the world and carve out a niche for our Ecuadorian products on the world's stage.

Our Story

We are captivated by the magnificent resources and products that are produced by mother earth in our native country of Ecuador. We are proud to share and represent the talent of fellow Ecuadorian artisans and their products with the rest of the world.

Coming from one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet we started Ecoffeel to showcase some of the high quality and sustainable gifts that Ecuador has to offer.

Ecoffeel's passion for Ecuadorian goods started from our love for one of Ecuador’s most iconic natural resources: Cacao “The Gift from the gods”. We grew to know Cacao thanks to our close relationship with Pacari Chocolate, one of the most awarded and sustainable chocolates on the planet and proudly Ecuadorian.

We are opening new horizons with our artisanal handmade coffee filters and we will be introducing our own brand of Ecuadorian coffee.

The majestic Ecuadorian landscape, influenced by its privileged Equatorial position, produces the finest cacao in the world and also produces coffee with extremely unique characteristics.

Here at Ecofeel we have gone through the trouble of getting these great products to you. Enjoy.